1 04 2008

Man remanded in custody over East Belfast attack



A 19-year-old has been remanded in custody charged with the attempted murder of a disabled man.   

Ross McCartney, 21, remains in intensive care after being attacked at his home in west Belfast last Friday.

Mr. McCartney who has cerebral palsy lives with his mother on the Castlereagh road.

On Friday morning Shirley Morrow left her son off to do messages close to home, at a dry cleaners and a chemist.

Around lunchtime Ross, who had been badly injured, staggered into a florist to get help. His mother, who was passing in her car, stopped when she saw the ambulance.

Mr. McCartney was badly cut, sustained at least 12 lacerations to his head and has swelling on his brain.

His family are stunned that such an attack could be perpetrated against a disabled man. His mother told UTV reporter Susan Millar:

“He`s a really easy going lad and hasn`t an enemy about him, not a streak of evil or violence about him. He is physically disabled and that`s what particularly angers us, the fact that anybody would consider a vicious attack, is by anybody`s mind a vile attack, Ross would have been unable to defend himself.”

A defence lawyer said forensic evidence would play a big part in the case.

David McCarroll of no fixed address was remanded in custody for 4 weeks. He is denying the charge.




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