5 04 2008

Disabled Man Battles City Hall Over Sidewalk

April 4, 2008

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Westland, Mich. — A disabled man from Westland is battling city hall over a missing sidewalk in his neighborhood.

Kevin Bradford is suffering from a debilitating bone disease and travels in a motorized chair.

He said that last week when he was going to the post office he was attacked and pepper-sprayed for riding in the street.

“People started honking. This one gentleman in a white Continental pulled up beside me and sprayed me with mace,” Bradford said.

He says he was only riding in the street because the sidewalk is broken and he had nowhere else to go.

He said in Westland, along Cherry Hill Road, the concrete runs out and then picks back up further down the road forcing him to ride in the street.

“He just sprayed me for no reason whatsoever,” Bradford said.

Bradford said he was able to get the mace-spraying driver’s license plate number and contacted police.

Westland city officials and the Wayne County Road Commission have both been contacted. They each claim it is the other’s responsibility, Bradford said.

Broken sidewalks are a violation of the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Bradford said he has not taken the issue up with them yet. He is hoping it will get resolved on a local level.

The driver of the car has been identified by police. The case is with the Wayne County prosecutor’s office to decide if any charges will be filed.




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