8 04 2008

Disabled man robbed at knifepoint in home

Published Date: 07 April 2008

Location: Chesterfield

Derbyshire Times


Police have condemned the robbery of a disabled man, who was threatened with a kitchen knife during a raid on his home.

The burglary at the property on Porter Street, Staveley, happened just after 11am on Friday.

An offender brandishing a black handled kitchen knife entered through an unlocked front door and demanded cash from the 48-year-old occupant, who has mobility problems and was unable to flee the scene.

A police spokesman said it was a frightening experience for the disabled victim, adding: “This was a robbery on a vulnerable man. We do not know whether he has been targeted but they’ve probably used the fact of his disability in order to rob him.”

The thief ripped the phone from the wall and escaped with the resident’s wallet, which contained cash and bank cards.

He is described as six foot tall, wore a black top and was covering his face with a scarf.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Derbyshire Police on 0845 123 3333 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.




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