17 04 2008

Police: Disabled woman was sexually assaulted

Michael Sorba, Staff Writer



Redlands – The owner of a San Bernardino board-and-care facility has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled woman, police said.

Tito Alvarado, 58, of Redlands was arrested Monday morning at his Redlands home.

Police are searching for other possible victims and have interviewed the other four people staying in the private-care facility at 1894 S. Curtis St.

“If this person took advantage of this woman with her condition, there’s a great chance he could have taken advantage of other people,” said Lt. Scott Paterson.

Alvarado is accused of assaulting a 45-year-old woman in his care April 5. The incident was reported within four hours.

Police declined to reveal who reported Alvarado, saying it is an ongoing investigation.

“We believe this is an assault, and we’re putting the information out there to see if anyone else has any other information,” Paterson said. “We’re early on in this investigation.

The woman has been relocated to another board-and-care facility.

The police and the State Licensing Board are asking anyone with information about other potential victims call Detective Christine Keil at (909) 388-4890.

Staff writer Stacia Glenn contributed to this report.




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