22 04 2008

Elderly, Disabled Man Murdered; Family Looks for Answers 

April 21, 2008



A teenager came home from cheerleading practice and found out her 72-year-old father was stabbed and killed at their District home on Isherwood Drive NE.

“I came home from cheerleading practice and all I saw was police cars and yellow tape,” said Crystal Germany.

Metropolitan Police said James Germany had been stabbed multiple times at his home. He was 72-years-old and a father of five children. He sang in the men’s choir at Lane Memorial C.M.E. Church for decades.

“I don’t know who could be that malicious to do something like that to a 72 year old man,” said Pamela Germany-Davis, James’ daughter. His children said he was disabled and had trouble walking. With the family’s apartment upstairs, they said he would often leave the door to the building downstairs unlocked.

“Rather than him going up and down the steps, he’d leave the door ajar and someone just came in and robbed him,” said Germany’s son Frederick.

Detectives said they didn’t have a motive, but the family said the house appeared ransacked and believe whoever stabbed and killed their elderly father may have tried to rob him. It was Crystal’s mother who discovered Germany in his bedroom.

“She was rushing here to cook me dinner and before she could even get to the top of the steps, she saw him lying on the side of the bed with blood covered over him,” said Crystal.

Her mother ran outside and flagged down a police officer. When police arrived, they searched for evidence, including fingerprints for the killer or killers.

“They took a good man. He liked to sing. He’d sing in the church. He’s got friends. He doesn’t have any enemies. I just don’t know why,” said Germany’s son Frederick.

It’s not clear if police have any leads in the case. If you have any information to help the investigation, you can call Metropolitan Police.




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