6 05 2008

Burglars Steal Computers, Cameras From Disabled Woman

Tom Murray

TMJ4 Milwaukee


Milwaukee – A lowly crime caught on tape. Police are looking for a pair of burglars who preyed on a disabled woman and her roommate.

“We went to the mall, came back home and found our laptops and our camera’s gone,” one victim recounted. Both roommates asked us to hide their identities because the suspects are still at-large.

Surveillance cameras in a downtown high-rise captured the thieves leaving the apartment of the two young women with armfuls of electronics. One of the victims has cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair to get around.

“They took all of our pictures and files that we use for school,” one of the women told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.

With no sign of forced entry, the victims believe they were targeted. These burglars took more than electronics, they stole peace of mind.

“I feel like I’m constantly having to watch every move I make and I’m constantly looking to see who’s around me.”

These two young women are hoping someone will recognize and turn in the suspects. At a point in the video released by police, it appears one suspect looks directly at the camera. You can see his accomplice wearing a sweatshirt with a distinctive image of a skull. The suspects are disguised by hoods of their baggy sweatshirts, caps and bandanas.

“Stealing is wrong,” a victim said. “Invading someone’s privacy is wrong and I’d just like to know why.”

The burglary happened Saturday, April 26. Tips can be reported anonymously at 800-78-CRIME.




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