24 05 2008

Carer neglected disabled man

23 May 2008



An Ipswich carer has admitted neglecting a severely disabled man when she left him unattended in her car for half an hour.

Kornelia Radomska, 30, of Bruff Road, Ipswich, was caring for the Rushmere St Andrew man on March 18 when she experienced “stomach problems” and decided to return home.

Emma Lister, prosecuting, said the 32-year-old patient, who suffers from Spina Bifida and has a mental age of five, needs intensive one-on-one care.

She said: “He doesn’t speak and needs to be watched at all times.”

Miss Lister said police were called to Bruff Road, off Wherstead Road, by a member of the public who raised concerns for the patient’s welfare after he was spotted in the back of Radomska’s car, parked outside her home.

She said: “They saw a male in the back of a vehicle who appeared to be disabled and in some distress.”

She added that it was not until police and an ambulance crew arrived at the scene that Radomska emerged from her house.

Radomska told police she had returned home with stomach problems.

Charles Riddleston, mitigating, said Radomska had left her patient unattended for around 30 minutes.

She had cared for the man since September 2006 and had no previous disciplinary matters and was of good character.

He said during the year-and-a-half Radomska cared for the man there were no signs of injury or mistreatment and no concerns had been raised.

In a letter to the court Radomska, who was initially suspended from the care home she worked for, but later resigned, said: “I’m really sorry for what happened.

“I really loved David and would never do anything to harm him and had a really good relationship with his parents.

“I wish I had the opportunity to apologise to his parents.

“This forced me to resign due to stress and depression.

“I feel I have let David and his parents down.”

Magistrates ordered Radomska to do 50 hours unpaid work.




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