6 06 2008

Police Standoff with Tenant of Home for Elderly and Disabled


Green Bay


by Matt Smith

Charges are pending against a Winneconne man accused of threatening his apartment manager with a gun and engaging police in a standoff for nearly two hours.

It happened Wednesday at the Riverside Apartments in the 100-block of North 2nd Street in Winneconne, a home for the elderly and disabled.

And this wasn’t the first time the resident had a run-in with police.

“It has escalated, and yesterday was the final straw. There’s people in here that are scared to death,” resident Karen Kramer said.

It stems from Wednesday’s standoff and the number of other times police responded to Riverside.

“Something else needs to be done other than that, and this is not a one-time thing. This man has lived here for two years,” Kramer said.

Police say they responded four other times in the past year when the tenant was threatening to hurt himself.

Police say the incident Wednesday started when the male resident visibly threatened the apartment’s manager with a pistol. He was apparently upset because he was being asked to move.

“He made threats then locked himself and barricaded himself in his room,” Police Chief Peter Running said.

Thursday morning tenants shared their built-up frustrations with the police chief.

“The man goes banging on his walls all the time. He goes to other apartments banging on the doors,” Kramer described.

“There’s always a concern when something like this happens,” Laurie Lee, whose mother lives at Riverside, said.

Right now the man is undergoing psychological testing at a local hospital.

The main question for residents right now is what’s next. If this man is released, they want to know if he’ll be allowed back.

“It needs to be addressed and it needs to be stopped,” Kramer said.

The Winnebago County Housing Authority says this is the final straw. Executive Director Brad Masterson said, “We expect to file civil action in Winnebago County to get control of the apartment, and it’s our goal to have him not come back here.”




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