8 06 2008

Family grateful for support of Windsor schools, community

June 7, 2008


Greater Binghamton


We would like to thank and praise Windsor Central School District and the Windsor community. School districts are supposed to provide “free appropriate” education to the children they serve. However, Windsor has gone above and beyond their duty in helping our family.

Several children in our family have been diagnosed with dystonia, a devastating disorder that has changed the lives of our family forever. Windsor held a benefit to help our family. Mrs. Warwick, Mrs. Klumpp, Ms. Purce, Mrs. Sawicki, Mr. Beattie and Mr. Fiorentino were instrumental in planning the benefit, along with numerous volunteers. Mr. Bradley Bruce, the director of Special Services, has been there for these children every step of the way. He has made sure they have everything they need to be successful in school.

Mr. Andrews, all of the administrators and especially the teachers have touched our lives forever. The love, time, support and compassion they have extended to us has left us speechless. We are eternally grateful for all they have done. This is a school and community to be proud of, one the other districts should try to emulate. The children in this district are the No. 1 priority. Our sincere appreciation to all members of the school and community. You truly make the difference in the lives of all your children and families.

Riley Segrue and Family

Kirkwood and Windsor




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